Frequently Asked Questions about Cambridge Crossways Badminton Club

Want to know more about us? Perhaps the answers to the questions below will help. If not, then feel free to email your questions to us at badminton@camways.co.uk.

General questions

1. What are the club fees?

Fees for the season 2023/2024:

2. Is it possible to try out the club on a Tuesday night, before committing to join?

Yes, this is fine, and what we would recommend -- come and see what we're like! Please note that at the start of the season, we limit the numbers of visitors each night, so you'll need to contact us to see if there's still space for visitors -- please check the homepage to see if this is happening at the moment, or if the club has reached full membership.

The way we work is that you can play for up to the first 3 visits, just paying a nightly visitors fee. After 3 weeks, if you want to join then we'll take the visitors fees off your annual membership fee.

Also, see the answer to question 3 below -- there's no problem turning up part-way through the season, assuming we still have space for new members.

3. I see that the season started in September, so has already been running for a while -- can I still come along, and try out the club?

Yes, that's fine, subject to us still having space for new members -- see question 2 above. Also note that, depending on how late you join in the season, then there is an adjustment made to the membership fee.

4. What's the ability range? -- will I fit in?

The club has a wide ability range, from county level players, to players who are still improving. Most of our members play in local leagues, and we aim to recruit new club members who are actively interested in playing in the leagues.

We don't have a separate junior section of the club and though in the past we have taken some juniors, they tend to be already very strong and often involved with the county squad. For other options for juniors please have a look at Cambs Badminton Academy or check on Cambridgeshire Badminton (also, Hurst and Aspire Badminton Club have junior clubs).

We don't have anyone who's a beginner, and because we don't offer coaching (see below), we aren't really suitable for a beginners. However, if you haven't played for a few years, but have previous played to a good standard, then please come along and give us a try -- don't worry if you're a bit 'rusty'...

If you aren't strong enough to join Cambridge Crossways, then here are a few options you might consider:

[External links checked August 2021. Please note that Cambridge Crossways Badminton Club has no formal connection with any of the above organisations.]

5. Do you offer coaching?

Unfortunately we don't -- if you are looking for coaching, see the point above.

However, if you want advice on how to improve your game, some of the stronger members of the club are happy to pass on their knowledge (if this is requested!).

6. When do you play, and what time?

The season starts in September, and finishes sometime in May -- exact dates vary year on year, and are usually shown on the front page of this website. There is normally a break for Christmas, again advised on the front page of this website.

Clubnight is Tuesday -- we play from 7.15pm to 10.15pm.

Note that during the summer, a separate club is normally run. The exact nature depends on the arrangements we agree with The Perse School each year, but historically it's been at the same venue/same day/same times, and is more self-managed -- for eg, court set-up and take-down is the responsibility of players, and specifically players need to provide their own shuttles. There's more information posted about this summer club on the website front page as we approach the end of the main winter season.

7. How do I get to your club?

There are maps and directions here.

8. Do I have to have had formal badminton training?

Absolutely not -- most of us have learnt through trial and error!

9. Do you play with feathers, or plastic shuttles?

We play with feathered shuttles.

10. Who runs the club?

The club is run by a committee, that is elected each year at an AGM (usually in the early summer). It is a "not-for-profit" organisation -- people give of their time freely, to make the club run smoothly.

This is why you are asked to help put up the nets at the start of each clubnight, and clear away at the end -- we don't pay anyone to do this for us.

Running a club of our size doesn't happen automatically, and the more people involved in organising things, the better. If you are interested in helping out, please ask one of the committee members.

11. Do you have changing rooms and showers?

Yes, we have both changing rooms and showers.

12. Do I have to wear whites?

No, this isn't required. The vast majority of players where sports clothes of some sort, but we have the full range of colours. The club kit is black and red!

13. Do I have to bring a partner to play with me?

No -- the club uses a "peg board", to manage the courts. This ensures that the club night players mix in together and get games, so you do not need to bring anyone to play with you.

14. What equipment do I need to bring with me? -- can I borrow a racquet from the club?

The club provides nets and shuttles, but we do not provide racquets. All the players in the club have their own racquets -- please note that the club does not cater for beginners (see above).

Note that if we run a summer club (see above), then this runs on a different basis, and players bring their own shuttles.

Questions about competitive teams

1. I'm interested in playing competitively -- could I get into a team?

Teams are selected towards the start of the season, by the Club Captain supported by the committee. To aid this process, we normally run some "team observations sessions" in a couple of the September club nights. These allow the committee to observe (primarily new) members playing in a pseudo-competitive situation.

Although we try to use the same players consistently in a team throughout a season, we invariably have to substitute people in on occasion, for a range of reasons. Therefore, if you aren't selected as a regular team member, but are of a good standard and are interested in playing in teams, please let the Club Captain know.

2. How seriously do you take the teams?

Obviously we do try to win!... but we don't do formalised team training, such as fitness sessions. Some of the team players try to play a more 'competitive' game on a clubnight, towards the end of the night, to provide a bit of match practice.

3. When and where do you play matches?

Home matches are played on Tuesday nights, at club night (and since 2017, we've also played some home matches at Trumpington Sport Centre - Abbeycroft Leisure Centre). Away matches are played at a range of venues, as listed in the fixture list (Google maps will help you find them).

There is further information available from the Club Captain.

4. Do you play with feathers, or plastic shuttles?

We play with feathered shuttles.